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Component Categories

The complete list of component groups follows:

Category Description
Curve Create and operate on polylines
Graphics 3D graphics operations
Geometry Misc. geometry operations
Input Generate Input and UI elements for graph
Interop Call system commands, and send/receive network data
Maths Arthimetical/Misc. math operations
Mesh Create and operate on Meshes (mostly triangle meshes, but increasing support for Quad and NGon).
Physics Rigid body physics and collisions
Resource Create and operate on Resource (WIP)
Scene Create scene nodes and native components.
Sets Generate and operate on lists and other collections
ShapeOp Constraint based geometry optimization
Spatial Sun,Terrain and Mapping operations
Tree Data tree operations
Vector 3D Vectors and points

To see a complete list of all available Iogram components, check out the auto-generated component documentation.



Icon Categarory Name Full Name Description
icon category name fullname description


Variable Name Full Name Description Type List Access Default Value
variable name fullname description type listaccess defaultvalue


Variable Name Full Name Description Type List Access
variable name fullname description type listaccess

Shortcuts and keyboard commands

Component creation shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Component
Alt + v ConstructVector
Alt + c CurveRenderer
Alt + s Slider
Alt + p Panel
Alt + m MeshRenderer
Alt + t ConstructTransform
Alt + b Toggle

Scene View Controls

Keyboard shortcut Description
RMB Orbit
Ctrl + RMB Zoom
Shift + RMB Pan
Ctrl + E Zoom Extents
Ctrl + 1 Left View
Ctrl + 5 Top View
Ctrl + 7 Front View
Ctrl + 3 Right View
Ctrl + P Toggle Perspective/Ortho (WIP)

Graph View Controls

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl + a Select all components in active graph view
Ctrl + arrow key up Zoom in (WIP)
Ctrl + arrow key down Zoom out (WIP)
Ctrl + backspace Delete selected components
Delete Delete selected components
Output Slot Forward LMB Drag Creates a connection to target Input Slot
Input Slot Backward LMB Drag Deletes all connections to target Input Slot

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